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Finest choice for your
finest hot beverages.

Komen Collection

Best selection of inspirational quotes

She lay in the dark, time to wake up. She made her way to the kitchen, switched on the light, groggily rinsed the coffee maker from yesterday, and added the water.

She scooped the ground coffee into the container and turned it on.


She went back to bed and lay in the dark until the coffee DING, “It’s ready.”


She poured her coffee into the dark mug. As she did, the morning and her mug woke up with her.


She said, “Thank you for joining me on this fine morning.”

Magic Mugs

Our mugs are made with creativity, laughter, and intelligence. Our mission is that you feel a memorable moment that last a lifetime, and leaves you saying, “Wow, that’s COOL!”

You Give, You Live, You Laugh, You Love!


Real Magic Mug

Your mug wakes up with you. Just add hot beverage.

Finest choice for your finest hot beverage.

Real Magic Mug

Finest choice for your finest hot beverages.